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I'm using PFSenses 2.0 in our development environment.

I'm depending on the DNS Forwarder to add DNS entries for new DHCP leases. This is working well, though I need to add support for wildcards to these DNS entries.

I know you can use address=/com/ to set a wildcard, but I don't know the IP address of the machine yet.

An example scenario:

A new vm starts and issues a DHCP Request with hostname "stage01" on the domain Once it is provided an IP, the DNS correctly resolves to that domain. Though I also require * to resolve to this address.

Since I do not know the MAC or IP address ahead of time, is there a way to configure this?

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The best way I can think of would be to simply CNAME * to point at in your DNS server.

The dynamic update will change's address, and the wildcard CNAME will take care of the rest for you.

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