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I would like to know which ISPs offer DSL/ADSL service with static ip address? It doesn't matter if it is for home or business users, if you know some just name it.

Thanks in advance

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What country are you interested in? – Richard Jul 21 '09 at 14:45
The world is a very big place - and this is a global site, so you really do need to be more specific. – Bart B Jul 21 '09 at 14:46
what country are you in? – Rory Aug 4 '09 at 16:55
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Thinkbroadband's advanced search feature lets you specify a static IP address assignment as one of the filters.

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Any ISP that serves business users should offer static IPs at an extra charge. This is a standard business service.


Verizon Qwest AT&T Bell*

... etc.

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In the UK, I personally use who provide a variety of ADSL/SDSL services and static IPs (single or multiple). Enta also provide "known limit" packages (i.e. you can transfer 90Gb per month "at peak hours" [8am to 8pm] and 300Gb off peak) whereas the other static IP provider I was with - Demon Internet - offered "unlimited" usage, but if you happened to use more than 60Gb per month, you were ratelimited to around 32Kbp/s!

Andrew and Arnold are another provider I'm aware of which offers static IPs (Enta and A+A both also offer IPv6 connections: I don't know about Demon now)

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Verizon offers Business ADSL that offers you a static IP at an added cost:

  • For $39.99/month you can get it in 3 MBPS or 7.1 MBPS with a dynamic IP.
  • For $79.99/month you can get it in 3 MBPS with a static IP.
  • For $149.99/month (or $199.99/month) you can get it in 7.1 MBPS with a static IP.
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PlusNet allows a static IP for free, the better (ie more expensive) products even let you have multiple IPs, though I think they stop at a /28.

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In India it is Tatabroadband, Reliance and Airtel is offering this service.

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