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I lean on the documentation of the product Centrify which can be downloaded from the official site: This documentation is called: "Centrify DirectControl Authentication Guide for Apache".

My Unix machine is under Solaris 10. I have the following Centrify package already installed:

> pkginfo | grep -i centrify
system CentrifyDC Centrify DirectControl Agent

But, the documentation speaks about the following folder that I cannot found: /usr/share/centrifydc/apache. The folder /usr/share/centrifydc/ exists.

That is why, I think I miss a package (something as Centrify for Apache module) ?

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Yes you are absolutely right. You are missing the "DirectControl for Apache" package. The missing directories get created as a part of "DirectControl for Apache" package installation. Please contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks Sumana

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