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My planned setup is as follows:

Analog Fax machine -> Fritz!Box -> Asterisk -> Telephone network

My problem is, how do I convince the Fritz!Box to connect as a SIP client to my Asterisk instance?

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This should point you in the right direction:

(this was the first hit off google for "Fritz!Box asterisk")

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Sounds like you need one of these:

I'm not familiar with fritz!box, but one of those adapters will probably take care of getting your fax machine going with your asterisk box.

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From my experience with FritzBox and Asterisk servers it's most probably better, to let the FritzBox connect directly to the VOIP provider to send out faxes. I tried it to connect the FritzBox to the Asterisk server and then send out faxes, but the connection was quite unstable. I had more and better luck with letting the Fritzbox connect directly to the voip provider.

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