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Possible Duplicate:
My server’s been hacked EMERGENCY

Which package does the file /lib/ belong to?

I need to replace it since it was infected. Same for /etc/sh.conf.

For now I have moved it to /temp/ Can I just delete it?

Edit 1:

I just found out that isn't a file but a directory with following files: bash shdcf shhk shrs

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Once a server's been compromised, you don't play around with the files here and there. You wipe it and re-install and restore your data files from backup. – Magellan Oct 11 '12 at 17:15
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Those aren't files I've ever heard of. Googling for brings up results related to the SHV4/5 rootkit. Here's a blog post detailing symptoms and removal

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Yes, the files belong to rootkit, REMOVED immediately! – Danijel Oct 8 '12 at 21:53

What distribution do you have ? Matching file to package totally depends on package manager -> {and thus to distribution}.

In any case, for rpms (Fedora, Redhat, Centos ...) you can do it with rpm -qf /lib/

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