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Both SmartOS and opennode seem to do the same thing:

  • take a kernel and basic OS installation
  • add OS-level virtualization possiblity
  • add true virtualization possibility
  • add management

SmartOS is based on Solaris fork, opennode on linux (CentOS).

Is there something like the above, based on FreeBSD?

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FreeBSD has Jails, which is basically OS-level virtualization (the original inspiration for Solaris Zones).
This functionality is built in to the operating system, and wouldbe "os-level virtualization" (in the sense that you can run several 'virtual' FreeBSD systems on one host).

There are tools in the ports collection to manage/work with jails which implement varying degrees of management on top of the basic jail subsystem - lots of articles/blog entries around the net have been written on these tools and will give you a good idea of how they work / what they can do, but there's no substitute for installing one and banging around.

As far as I'm aware there's no true (bare-metal simulating, VMWare-style) virtualization based on FreeBSD. You can hack something together with QEMU/VirtualBox, but if you need mutliple-OS bare-metal-simulating virtualization you're probably better off with VMWare's ESXi (free or fully-licensed depending on your needs), or Microsoft's Hyper-V platform...

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Thanks. I asked more in the line of "complete platform with jails as well as (more direct, kvm-style) full virtualization) and management. But it seems there is nothing like that (qjail etc. but its parts). It can probably emerge when bhyve is finished? – herby Oct 6 '12 at 8:58

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