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I have a Windows 2008 domain with Vista workstations.

I don't want users to have admin rights on their machines, but I want to allow them to install a specific company application.

This application is signed.

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I would suggest that group policy would be perfect for this - the software is installed at logon (usually invisibly) and the users need no additional rights at all.

This link at Microsoft gives an overview.

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Correct solution if you have a MSI built wich supports unattended installation (msiexec /qb). Note that software published via GPO gets installed before the user logs on. – pauska Jul 21 '09 at 13:48

Create an AD group, such as "Corporate Application". Add the machines that you want to receive the app to this group.

Create a Startup Script which installs this app when the computer restarts, add the startup script to group policy.

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I haven't used them but you might be able to do this with Software restriction policies

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I've deployed non-MSI installers using the Symantec deployment tool included with the anti-virus corp edition. When selecting a package to deploy just pointed it at the setup.exe file that I wanted to have installed, instead of the anti-virus client and ran though the same steps as if it was the symantec anti-virus client that was being installed.

Don't know if you have symantec corp but if you do, thats an option.

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