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I am trying to make an http call to the WebSphere PMI servlet. Websphere has security enabled and therefore I am asked to enter user credentials in order to display the xml. What actually doesn't work as I expect is that username and password in the url are not recognized and the BASIC authorization form is displayed. Obviously it doesn't work from a third party application point of view, I need to pass those variables as GET request.

Any suggestion?

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We have found a work around, instead of passing parameters into the url (as docs described) we used basic authentication on client. – AleIla Jul 23 '09 at 13:37

Sounds like it's not using basic authentication... perhaps cookie session based... what are you hitting it with? wget? curl? perl?

There are perl modules that can emulate a browser and you can write a script to navigate thru the login and fetch the XML you want. Google 'perldoc WWW::Mechanize'

Would love to hear of solutions that require less module installation, however.

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