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Hoping someone can help - is there a way in SQL server management studio 2008 R2 that I can alias a linked SQL server?

I have a server, added by IP address, to which I do not have the login credentials - however as the connection is already setup I can login ok.

Issue is that, this is a dev environment, prior to a live deployment and the IP I have as a linked server needs to be 'accessible' by my stored procs under a different name, eg 'myserver' not 192.168.xxx.xxx...

Any help much appreciated.

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Follow the steps to create new alias->all programs->microsoft sql server 2008 R2->Configuration tools-> select sql server configuration manager->select alias->new alias->then enter server name

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Thanks. That seems to allow aliasing of a server to connect to when doing so directly from SQL management studio (which will still be useful - thanks), but my main problem is updating a 'linked server' from one of my Dev VMs.. –  absentmindeduk Oct 5 '12 at 9:53

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