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in a previous question, i made the conclusion that i will need something like gotomypc or logmein, but self hosting the echo server. Is it a good idea ? Any experience of this ?

I'm looking for something who run on linux.

( )

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I've never done this before, but it appears as if you are able to do this with something like this.

Personally though, I would just go with a VNC over SSH or X Forwarding if you are looking for a solid remote access system for Linux. It's far easier to maintain, no real extra hardware to work with, and it works extremely well. In the past I've used dynamic DNS, and VNC over SSH to get to my home Linux box, and it worked fine. Also, the SSH provides more than enough security for my needs.

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With regard to the accepted answer in your previous question: Yes, I think using a reverse SSH tunnel is a good idea, coupled with a VNC-server, this should provide the access you require.

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