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I am using AWS micro instance for over a year and a half.

It is adequate for just serving a small website with SQLExpress. However it is very, very slow in all other cases. It shows 98 to 100% CPU usage while installing any new software, opening, closing, configuring the various tools and servers.

Im planning to move to Azure VM XS instance. It will cost about the same, once Azure VM goes GA. Until then Azure VM costs 33% lower, with no guarantee of uptime. A clear plus is that Windows 8 Server, with IIS 8 and websockets is available.

Can anyone share with me experience with Azure? Will I benefit from moving to Azure XS instance?

EDIT VM = Virtual machine XS = Xtra Small GA = General Availability AWS = Amazon web services IIS = Everyone knows :)

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The difference will be minimal. If you have just a small website with SQL Server, consider creating a standard shared/dedicated website there. You'll get better performance because running the admin tools on a XS/micro instance is just too slow (better leave MS infrastructure to manage it through the control panel).

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