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When I go to the properties of the SNMP Service on a Server 2008 R2 server, I see:

Local SNMP Settings

Which is what I expect to see. However, if I do the correct thing and connect from my Windows 7 machine (which has a full set of RSAT installed), I see:

Remote SNMP Settings

which is to say, less than useful. Is there any way I can get the SNMP-specific tabs to display on a remote computer?

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Have you tried waiting about 30 seconds, and then opening the SNMP service up again? Worked for me. – HopelessN00b Oct 8 '12 at 2:38
@HopelessN00b - just tried leaving it for a few minutes and trying again, but no luck – Mark Henderson Oct 8 '12 at 2:44
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What HoplessN00b commented got me thinking - what if I installed the SNMP Service on my local machine:

enter image description here

And voila, this worked:

enter image description here

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