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Possible Duplicate:
Network Redundancy Example

I got a network configuration as shown in the diagram. Thing is I want do some settings so that the public can access to the server from outside of LAN. For example, when the public key in in web browser, they will be redirect (or reroute) to the web hosted on Is that possible?


Network diagram

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configure a 1 to 1 nat between the public ip to the local at the router or at the firewall end, so that when user who keys in will be directed to the local ip

EXtra if You want you can try this: Adding to this If you are concerned with providing more security to your server from external network you can even configure a reverse proxy so that You can have all the request to forwarded (based on the nat to the local server say then from here you can configure the real redirection t your by installing apache server and do the configuration its just a 2 lines of it. this will be like a double protection.

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You can use keepalived on the load balancer. (

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Thanks for the reply but the problem is that the load balancer is a router (dlink) not a physical server – teonghan Oct 8 '12 at 7:50

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