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I have a Windows Server 2008 installed on a client's server and the user is using Mac OS X (I believe 10.6, Mountain Lion) and his user (which I'll identify by Mr.Foobar) is included in the domain admins.

The problem is that when he creates a folder, no one has permission to edit/move it, not even me in the Windows administrator account.

On the permissions, there is the "SYSTEM" and the "Administrators" group in which the administrator account is included and so is Mr.Foobar's user. Even if I manually add the permissions to his Mr.Foobar, we still can't edit/move the folder.

Despite those problems, we can simply open the folder view/edit/move/delete everything inside it.

Also, when Mr.Foobar creates or edits a document, the permissions to that document get "erased" and I have to manually add them again so other users (Windows users) can use the documents.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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