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We are facing an issue in the LYNC2010 dial-in to a meeting. We redirect an Asterisk number to LYNC, whitch connects successfully in the dial-in plan of LYNC.

After calling from external network to the given number, we hear LYNC aswering and prompting us to enter the PIN and afterwards the hash key.

I should mention that all other dials to LYNC from Asterisk and vise versa are routed successfully. Also all DTMF we send to Asterisk from the phone (IVR, Extension, PIN etc) are routed also fine

Afterwards we press the appropriate pin folowed by the hash keyand we get 'Sorry I can't find meeting with that number'

Some collaborators mentioned that it might be dtmfmode=RFC2833 or dtmfmode=auto in Asterisk (All checked and tried). Some collaborators mentioned, that there is a problem in geeral in LYNC and DTMF (even with Cisco Call Manager). Some collaborators mentioned that chack box 'Enable refer support' in Voice Routinh\Trunk Configuration' in LYNC has to be unchecked (Also tested).

The problem still remains and there is no way to enter a meeting room by dial-in.

ANY idea would be appreciated!!!!!!!!

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Why don't you hire a pro to help? –  Brent Pabst Oct 8 '12 at 15:01
We are Pros in the field of Asterisk and we also manage LYNC implementations. This is the first time we experiense that kind of issue (DTMF with LYNC). Appart from this there is no specialist in MS LYNC2010 AND in Astrerisk Also. They would be MS or Asterisk guru's. Not both. –  user140116 Oct 9 '12 at 14:40

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