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I have 2 large commercial programs that work together come with fairly involved .cshrc scripts. But whether I am in a bash/tsch/csh shell at start up, my initial path on startup is in bash format. When I run the .cshrc scripts that set the paths (and variables) for the programs support files, the system ignores the paths set via the cshrc script.

Example from the echo $PATH command Note, I get same results if I start up in a bash or csh shell.

initial path /usr:/usr/bin

after cshrc /usr:/usr/bin /home/program1 /home/program2

since I can't alter their scripts, what can I do to change the path to 1 format? Either: /usr:/usr/bin:/home/program1:/home/program2 or /usr usr/bin /home/program1 /home/program2


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In BOTH csh or sh varients PATH is an environment variable and will look identical.

You are confused with setting $path (notice lower case), these are local to the csh environment and will look differently.

FYI, setting environment variable on sh and csh varients are:

sh: PATH='a;b;c;d;e';export PATH

csh: setenv PATH 'a;b;c;d;e' -OR- path='(a b c d e)'

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