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We are resource limited here, and want our qa and staging environments on one machine.

We are going to run separate binaries and confs for our app & supporting services.

According to chef docs it is possible to have a single machine be two nodes. It just never explains how.

Much appreciated!

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You'll need to execute chef client with an alternative configuration. The default config file and directory is /etc/chef/client.rb. You could use that one for one of the nodes / environments. Let's assume that will be "staging". You should probably make sure the node and environment are set up for the proper values:

node_name "mynode.staging"
environment "staging"

The other you could create such as /etc/chef/qa/client.rb for your qa configuration. In order to avoid conflict, you'll need to change the various configuration values for Chef that point in /etc/chef, and /var/chef.

See the Chef Configuration Settings wiki page for a complete list of configuration settings you can modify.

You should use the node_name and environment values similar to the staging environment. When you run chef, specify the alternative configuration file.

chef-client -c /etc/chef/qa/client.rb

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Thanks, I'd upvote but I don't have enough repuation on this site yet. Much appreciated!! – Jeff V Oct 10 '12 at 16:44
You're welcome. I'm glad it was helpful. – jtimberman Oct 11 '12 at 6:35

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