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I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me out with the following: I have an account that has one domain and about 160 subdomains. I would like to be able to assign an independent domain to one of these subdomains. I have a Plesk Panel (9.5).

So I have subdomain of this sort


And I would like to assign www.anotherdomain.com to display the content of subdomain1.myweb.com

How should I set up the DNS in the hosting account for this to work out? I know there should be a simple way, but I do not seem to find it.

I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks.

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On the anotherdomain.com DNS manager, give the www subdomain a CNAME of subdomain1.myweb.com.

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Thanks a lot Peter. Do I have to manage the DNS's (of anotherdomain.com) from my domain host or from Plesk? –  user1023362 Oct 8 '12 at 19:15
You have to be able to set the subdomain routing, so you need to have access to the authoritative name server, but it wouldn't matter if it was also plesk or using the same name server or anything else. You could route google.whatever.com to www.google.com if you had dns control of whatever.com. –  Peter Oct 8 '12 at 19:24

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