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notificationEvent ifMtu.1 IF-MIB::ifMtu.1

monitor -I -u root -s -t -r 18 "Warn: High ipp Usage" -e ifMtu.1 !=

The above lines are in my snmpd.conf file which is generating a trap when the condition evaluates to false.

My issue is that I want to send "Trap Severity Levels" with it. Is it possible? If so, how? If it isn't is there any other way to send them?

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You need to use -o option in addition. For example:

monitor -o -o -I -u root -s -t -r 18 "Warn: High ipp Usage" -e ifMtu.1 !=

where: and are two additional varbinds added to SNMP PDU payload and defined by these OIDs.

You may also refer to: man page of snmpd.conf do

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