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I'm thinking about upgrading the solr install included with ColdFusion 9 to the latest Apache release. This raises a few questions:

  • Is there a compelling reason not to upgrade to 3.6 (is it slower than, more cumbersome than, or backwards-incompatible with 1.4) altogether?
  • The solr install included with CF9 is customized. Is there a way to customize it myself, or to at least fool CF into treating it like its predecessor?
  • Will all of my existing indexes work as-is (are?) with the new version?
  • Has anyone out there on ServerFault done the upgrade? I'm especially interested in hearing about unforeseen or unexpected effects from the upgrade.
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I upgraded the default 1.4 install to 1.4.1 a couple of years ago. The only problem is that creating collections fails because the template folder arrangement is different. I worked around this by using a "wrapper" CFC to copy the template folder to the new collection location manually before running <cfcollection action="create">

I followed these instructions, where you will also find useful information in the comments. The author has apparently upgraded to version 4.x without issue, but I'm not sure if the method was the same.

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