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I have a webserver that we are giving a consultant FTP access to. For one domain hosted on that server he needs access to a "dev" directory and for a different domain hosted on that server he needs access to a different directory. I am trying to set this up with VirtualHosts, but I am having issues. Here is the VirtualHost bit of my proftpd.conf file:

        ServerName  "Example 2"
        DefaultRoot /var/www/example2/dev
        ServerName  "Example 1"
        DefaultServer on
        DefaultRoot /var/www/example1

When I FTP to either domain I always get the first VirtualHost, even if I FTP to the second domain.

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FTP dosen't work like HTTP. There is no name based virtual hosts. Only IP based. If you need same user name but different directories you can use separate TCP ports for them or more than one IP.

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That's what I was starting to wonder. Thanks. – Jason Oct 10 '12 at 12:39

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