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I have a Solaris machine ( Solaris 10 )

Is it possible to see from my machine ( logs ) which machines are try to connect to my machine by SSH?

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On a Solaris 10 system I have to hand ssh connections (and other auth related information) are logged to



Oct 10 15:15:46 solbase sshd[1481]: [ID 800047] Accepted publickey for iain from port 52197 ssh2

is a connection by me to a Solaris 10 machine and

Oct 10 15:17:33 solbase sshd[1481]: [ID 800047] Received disconnect from 11: disconnected by user

is a disconnect from the same machine.

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Lucky Iain, not being stuck in the late '90s like me! Upvote for you! – MadHatter Oct 10 '12 at 14:29

Yes. Assuming your logs are set up reasonably standardly (and that Sun hasn't been varying things gratuitously), you should see something much like these logs, which are from /var/log/secure on a Solaris 8 box that I have handy:

A successful login (using a public key rather than a password):

Oct 10 15:09:15 xxxx sshd[22706]: [ID 800047] Accepted publickey for myuser from port 56035 ssh2

A failed attempt:

Oct 10 15:09:27 xxxx sshd[22726]: [ID 800047] Illegal user fred from
Oct 10 15:09:27 xxxx sshd[22726]: [ID 800047] Failed none for illegal user fred from port 56036 ssh2
Oct 10 15:09:28 xxxx sshd[22726]: [ID 800047 auth.error] error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER
Oct 10 15:09:28 xxxx sshd[22726]: [ID 800047] Failed password for illegal user fred from port 56036 ssh2
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