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I've one RPM package which I need to update on production server with some customer iptables rules, and my previous version of the package have some sysconfig/iptables-custom rules inside. The new version of my package does not have these rules, so I assume that the update process will remove my custom rules inside this folder, but will this update do a COMMIT on the iptables, and flush the customer rules ?

Thanks in advance...

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You should be mounting a scratch monkey if you are anything less than 101% sure of what will happen. Not knowing the package (is it stock? custom?) we really can't answer this. – voretaq7 Oct 10 '12 at 15:55

Sounds like this RPM was custom built? Hard to say what it will do in that case. You either need to test it on a non-production system or extract it with rpm2cpio and look at the SPEC to see what it will do.

(Unless you're specifically doing something in %post, iptables isn't going to pick it up.)

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