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I am trying to start a Buildbot Buildslave on a Windows XP virtual machine:

python buildbot start .

ImportError: No module named win32api.

Google tells me that win32api is win32api.dll. I downloaded the file from and followed the guide found on that site ( When I try to run regsvr32 win32api.dll, it tells me that the specified module could not be found.

tl;dr - Where do I put win32api.dll so Windows will install it? Am I trying to use the wrong file? (using python version 2.6)

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Do you have Twisted and pywin32 installed alongside Python? Buildbot requires all three on Windows. Unfortunately, the Buildbot manual doesn't appear to mention pywin32. More information can be found on the Buildbot wiki and the Python wiki.

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If you go to a command prompt and type "echo %pythonpath%" (without the quotes), does it give you a file path to python?

It sounds like maybe the environment variable for python is missing.

If it is, you can go under Control Panel->System->Advanced, click Environment Variables, click New, enter PYTHONPATH, then enter the path to the python lib folder (c:\python26\lib or whatever). You might also want to add that same path to your PATH environment variable.

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