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When I open up my samba shares from XP client it can take 10 15 seconds before they become available. What could be causing this. It is a issue that happens most of the time but there are instances where this doesn't happen at all.

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+1 same problem here – cop1152 Jul 21 '09 at 22:44

you have a dns problem.

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Although not particularly helpful, I fear this answer is correct. Seen it many times, and most delays on network browsing are caused by DNS. – Mark Henderson Jul 21 '09 at 21:22

And if it isn't DNS, it could be related to the LAN Manager Authentication Level (in the local security policy) set on the XP client. That delay can be caused by negotiations between the client and server having to go back and forth until they find a mutually acceptable protocol. Typically this is more of a problem with older Samba servers that don't have NTLMv2 support.

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Try and make an anonymous share and access it from a fresh started client:

guest ok = yes
guest only = yes

Also, try to access the server using the IP address, like \\\share, to test for DNS/NETBIOS related problems.

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Check out

The disabling of the Webclient work around worked for me...


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