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So, soon we will deploy some new developers infrastructure on OpenStack and I have not so much experience in that sphere. First of all which operating system should I use? Mostly I use CentOS maybe it's a good idea to use it?

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Ubuntu's support of OpenStack is more established than Redhat/CentOS. The OpenStack Community releases are generally supported on Ubuntu first with Redhat support trailing a few days behind. Either will work though.

OpenStack lists both on their Known Packaged Distributions.

Update: RedHat published a FAQ on their OpenStack support.

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One of the key reasons to go with Ubuntu is that they will support OpenStack Essex to whatever the I release is called. See – Everett Toews Oct 12 '12 at 2:00

If you're familiar with CentOS, go for it - Openstack supports it. CentOS is one of the more popular distros to run Openstack on too so resources should be quite good.

Here are the install notes from their Wiki for different distribution versions.

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