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The script is fairly straight forward. Simply tries to start a bunch of windows services. Execution locally works fine when on the target machine. The script is actually executing fine as well when done via PsExec, it just never returns until I hit the "enter" key on my CMD prompt. This is a problem, because this is being called from TeamCity, and it makes the Agent hang waiting for PsExec to return.

I've tried the following:

  • Adding an exit and exit 0 at the end of the Powershell script
  • Adding a < NUL to the end of the PsExec call, per the answer in this SF question
  • Adding a > stdout redirect

This is how I am actually calling psexec:

psexec \\target -u domain\username -p password powershell c:\path\script.ps1

No matter what I do, it hangs until I the locally on the cmd prompt. After I hit enter, I get the message:

powershell exited on target with error code 0.
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Turns out this is a common problem. Found the solution a here. Essentially, if you pipe some data on stdin with cmd it will return propertly after execution (because it is being run via cmd, not powershell).


psexec \\target -u domain\username -p password cmd /c "echo . | powershell c:\path\script.ps1"
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is it set up as Command Line - Custom Script or Command Line - Executable (in TeamCity)? – Turowicz Jul 10 '13 at 10:36
OK Ive set it up as Executable and it helped. Thanks mate I've spent 1 day diagnosing it. Spread the word! – Turowicz Jul 10 '13 at 10:45
After a day the problem returned... – Turowicz Jul 11 '13 at 9:17

I know the answer comes late it would have already been figured out, If not it might be useful for future visitors.

STDIN has to be re-directed in powershell execution inorder to be able to come from hang (Here it waits in STDIN). to be able to do this use -inputformat none

powershell -inputformat none -File powershell_script.ps1 will work.

Check -

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psexec \\target -u domain\username -p password -d powershell c:\path\script.ps1

Also fixes the problem.

The -d flag for psexec is like "run and exit" in a non-interactive way:

-d Don’t wait for the application to terminate.

Only use for non-interactive applications.

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Powershell is not exiting. Try this command line

Powershell -command script.ps1
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