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I need a command (like "dir") that lists all directories with their size. I need just a 1 level deepness but with the total size of a directory.

For example

>dirsize c:/mainfolder
    subfolder1  15640
    subfolder2 682310
    subfolder3 283550
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Use diruse from the Support Tools:

diruse /* c:\mainfolder

or du from Sysinternals:

du -l 1 -q c:\mainfolder
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Paste the following into a file in the parent directory named getdirsize.bat

@echo off
set /a val=0
set /a tot=0
for /R %1 %%i in (*) do (
set /a val=%%i
set /a tot=!tot!+!val!
@echo %cd%:!tot! 

Then run the command below from the parent directory. Alternatively, you could install the GNU coreutils for Windows and substitute du for getdirsize.bat below. I'm currently on a Linux system so can't test -- you may need to tweak this a little.

for /D %subdirs in (.*) do getdirsize.bat %subdirs

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