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I am on an Amazon EC2, Suse installation which comes with a Apache 2.2.12. I am using HTTPS and want to turn off SSLCompression but it isn't available for Apache 2.2.12. I can't even upgrade Apache as the repository maintained by Amazon doesn't yet include Apache 2.4.3, not even Apache 2.2.24.
So since I'm stuck with it, is there anyway I can turn off SSLCompression in Apache 2.2.12?

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See related, which has an answer based on the bug report on :… – Stefan Lasiewski Dec 8 '12 at 0:56
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There is no option to disable compression in Apache <= 2.2.23 mod_ssl.

You have few options to resolve this problem:

1) Wait for Apache 2.2.24 and compile from source:

2) Use current stable Apache 2.2.23 and use patch for disabling compression from the link above

3) Use other frontend/proxy for SSL termination (for example nginx or pound)

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I didn't wanted to install from an external source as resolving the dependencies would have been a pain. Anyways, I opted for the Amazon AMI(based on RedHat) and the repository it came with had Apache2.4 so I guess am good with it now. – kumar Oct 16 '12 at 16:21

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