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I just came across some articles on how to setup your own cloud using Cloudfoundry and Ubuntu, this got me thinking, choosing our infrastructure, if we want to use our own servers what's the advantage of cloud on virtual servers vs just using virtual servers, VPN?

If we now develop for the cloud later if we need help we can quickly move on to a cloud provider, but other than that what's the advantage and disadvantage of private cloud in these areas?

  • speed of development, testing, deployment
  • server management
  • security
  • having an extra layer (cloud) will that have a hit on server performance, how big?
  • any other advantage/disadvantage?
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First of all, you need to understand the different between CLOUD hosting and Traditional Hosting.

Cloud Hosting is nothing but a traditional hosting with advanced infrastructure. Cloud hosting is composed of array of disks and array of computing servers. If any of your computing station or disk storage is failed, everything is switched the next available computing station and disk storage. Beauty of the cloud is, your 1 computing station can be in NY data center and another can be in LA data center.

In the traditional hosting, your computing and data storage - everything is on a single physical node. If that node goes down, everything is down.

Another benefit in Cloud VPS is instant scalability. Your Cloud server can grow or shrink on-the-fly based on your requirements.

APART from this, there is no major different between cloud vps and a traditional vps hosting. Pricing is almost similar (cloud is 10% to 20% costly compared to traditional VPS). I am using Pre-paid cloud & traditional VPS from the same hosting provider, and you can compare the rates.

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thanks for the reply, it makes sense. what about development, are they any advantages to that? –  Mike Z Apr 29 '12 at 13:43
To make a distinction, the original post asked about Cloud Foundry, which is a Platform as a Service. This sits atop Infrastructure as a Service, which deals with VMs, disk, operating systems, and so on. A PaaS abstracts infrastructure details away from developers, where the goal is to simply push an app to a PaaS, bind any services (MySQL, Redis), and scale out instances of the app as needed. For more info: cloudfoundry.com/about –  Glenn Apr 30 '12 at 17:58
Mike, to answer your question, major benefit of cloud hosting is (1) server up time, processing speed and instant scabality. There is no advantage or disadvantage to development. You can deploy your existing code on traditional or cloud platforms without making a single change ... –  Jilesh P. May 3 '12 at 14:25

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