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I'm new to VMWare stuff. What I need to do is pretty basic: Just to install two different Windows 2008 versions on a server with 2x 4core CPU and 2x 3TB hard disks.

I asked my datacenter to install the free version (VMware ESXi 4.1) but apparently it did not recognize 3TB disks. Now I'm wondering whether VMWare 5 can handle 3TB disks, and if so, what variant? There is a huge array of options there and some prices are astonishingly high:

So I'm really confused and I appreciate your hints.

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vSphere 5.1 supports 3TB disks. You can register and download free ESXi here.

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VMFS datastores are still limited to a 2TB extents so .vmdks can only be that size (RDMs can be up to 64TB) so you'd still need to carve up that 3TB into 2+1, 1.5+1.5 or similar arrangements, it won't like a single 3TB LUN at all. – Chopper3 Oct 13 '12 at 11:51

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