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I want to build a web application/server with this structure:

  • main-server
    • sub-server
      • transaction-server (create, update, delete)
      • view-server (view, search)
  • authentication-server
  • documents-server
  • reporting-server
  • library-server
  • e-learning-server

The main-server acts as host server for sub-server.

I can add many sub-servers and connect it to main-server (via plug-play interface maybe), then it can begin querying data from another sub-servers (which has been connected to the main-server). The sub-servers can be anywhere as long as connected to internet.

The main-server can manage all sub-servers which are connected to it (query data, setting permission between sub-servers, etc).

The purpose is simple, the web application will be huge as the company grows, so I want to distribute it into small connected plug-able servers.

My question is, does the structure above already have a standardized method? or are there any different views? what are the technologies needed?

I need a lot of researches before the execution plan begin.

thanks a lot.

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Would the main-server act as a load-balancer and distribute the request among the sub-servers..? –  Kent Pawar May 1 '13 at 8:58
Nope. pure web applications. The main-web-app acts as hub for sub-web-apps. So each sub-web-app can share data with another sub-web-apps which are connected in the main-web-app. Example: a server of mathematic department, can share courses/students/teachers with a server of physics department, and vice versa. –  Bonn Jul 24 '13 at 16:25