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I have a server on datapipe clould. I am running ubuntu 12.04. My servers have been crashing in the sense that mmonit marks the server with a red dot and I cant ssh into the machine. This is due to chef-client. So...I want to reboot a machine so I can get the panic report logs. How do I get what I need so I can send to chef support?


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It is possible that in case of a kernel panic, last valuable entries are not written to the logs, but are lost.

I recommend the introduce yourself to LKCD (Linux Kernel Crash Dump) project in Ubuntu has additionally its own set of instructions available:

With this method the system basically boots from another kernel in case of a crash, saves the system state and reboots the system gracefully.

Best of luck :-)

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You can check the logs.. syslog, kern.log, dmesg in /var/log (default location) for errors. I would start there.

In addition to the system logs, I would also enable/increase the Chef-Client logging in the config file for the client. From Chef-Docs you can enable Verbose logging and/or change the log_location to a file on the system for you to review.

The combination of the system & Chef logs should be a good start for troubleshooting and passing along to Chef support if needed.

As a side note, I found Chef's IRC chan to be quite helpful when I was getting started with their product.

Server: Channel: #chef

Lastly, if those steps don't provide the information you need, you could look into using or to help gather data.

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