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I’m having some trouble with profiles and would like to reach out for some help. I’ve tried to do some research to help myself along, but I’m not making much progress on my own. I’ve pretty much taken over the sys admin duties for my small lab, I don’t have much experience to justify it besides I’m the only with the time and dedication to go at it (The environment was in a state of disrepair).

My network and domain I look over are extremely small by most standards, about 10 users at a time. They are pretty intensive activity on the network, and we do work with fairly large files. None of the network is online, which is nice at the moment because it allows me not to have another headache.

On to my profile problem, I have set up roaming profiles for the users in the network. Now after a little research, I think I will be switching this to a hybrid of folder redirection and roaming profiles as this seems to best practice. I also don’t want the users having to wait for a long time if they have a bloated profile.

Now I’ve finally got a build working using MDT. We have Mac Pros, and it wasn’t fun getting everything to play nice. The way I did this was by setting up a reference computer and installing all the software and tools that each user would need and editing the settings preferences to how we would need them. I think used MDT to do a sys prep and capture to create the image of my reference computer. Using the reference image I can push out my images to the rest of the desktops in my environment.

The issue I’m having is when we join the computer to domain. The user can login and operate fine on the computer, but I’d like a more. When the user is logged on with their domain user name they lose a lot of the icons I had on my reference image, as well as the desktop background and some other miscellaneous settings. I would love to have the user log on using their domain user name and see the icons and desktop environment as I had it setup on the reference computer.

I’m not sure if it is possible, or something simple that I’m missing, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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