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In my system There is a Polycom HDC7000 video conferencing device and a VVX1500 ip phone.

Incoming connection:

Src:Any - Dst:ExtIP1 - Srv:Any -> DNAT to-destination IntIP7000
Src:Any - Dst:ExtIP2 - Srv:Any -> DNAT to-destination IntIP1500
Src:IntP7000 - Dst:Any - Srv:Any -> SNAT to-source ExtIP1
Src:IntP1500 - Dst:Any - Srv:Any -> SNAT to-source ExtIP2

When I have loaded nf_nat_h323 and nf_conntrack_h323, HDX7000 can not call outside, VVX1500 works correctly. When I have disabled those modules, HDX7000 works and VVX1500 stops working. Kernel is 3.5.3.

I can enable module for a specifi connection. (see my previous post). What can be the problem is? What do you suggest me?


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Setup gnugk in proxy mode. Run all your H.323 connections through the gatekeeper. – Zoredache Nov 16 '12 at 0:15

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