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I have to setup with the banking interface where I need to connect to the remote bank and then download the files in the bank server in-box to my local server for further processing

so i do following sftp commands in the crontab

sftp -b /usr/local/CoXXX/inbox/ user@host

while my has this

cd CoXX/inbox
get ^DELIST*
get ^BPAY*

however my requirement is to after i download the file i need to rename that file in the server to D-(SAME FILE NAME), just adding a D- identify the its has been already processed.

how to i do that if i do


i think it will rename all files (not the file that has been downloaded) how do i archive this ?

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If you don't want to go down the route of retrieving a list of files first (ls in sftp batch) and then processing them with individual transfers, renaming them one by one as they arrive, I'd work with inotify-tools. Whenever a write completes (file is downloaded) into your target directory, trigger a script to rename it.

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is there a way to do this "one by one" using ls command i am a developer i dont have much knowledge about the shell commands ... i think best ways is to once the file is downloaded is confirmed exeucte the rename in the server side but to do this i need to know that download has completed, how do i do that should i use some | pipe into commands ? – user1179459 Oct 17 '12 at 2:25
It's up to you to parse 'ls' output as returned by your batch-job, and then act on it. But I'd really recommend using inotify for this. man inotifywatch , man inotifywait – tink Oct 17 '12 at 3:25

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