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I've accidently distributed a line to /etc/crontab on many servers and i noticed that there's a typo in this line and i need to change it on all servers.

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Another option is to fix the typo rather than just delete the last line

sed -i '$ s/typotext/correcttext/ /var/spool/cron/user

You should be able to edit the crontab files directly for newer versions of cron as it checks for changes very minute.

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If your sed supports in-place editing, then,

sed -i '$d' file

if not, you'll need to use a compound command such as,

cat file | sed '$d' > newfile; mv newfile file
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use head

user@host$ cat <<EOF > test.txt
user@host$ head -n -1 test.txt | sponge test.txt
user@host$ cat test.txt
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You can use Vim in Ex mode:

ex -sc 'd|x' /etc/crobtab
  1. d delete line

  2. x save and quit

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See this forum article on for the answer:

sed -e '$d' input.file > output.file


head -$((wc -l file | awk '{print $1}' - 1)) file

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Please don't post just a link as an answer but give at least a summary of the info found in this link. – Sven Oct 17 '12 at 10:30

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