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It seems that im missing something, i cant access my subdomain on website.

I have followed few tutorials on how to setup ispconfig3 and i have read in their manual also how to setup ispconfig3

Everything works fine except i cant access subdomains. I also searched here and i found same answers everywhere.

If i want to use subdomain with it's own path or to install CMS like joomla, wordpress... on subdomain best practice is to create another domain with subdomain name.

So i created one domain mysite.tld set dns records and browsing to website returns website and all works fine.

Now i needed to create subdomain so i created another domain like subdomain.mysite.tld and i set dns records, i uploaded website files, website folder is there but i cant access to website.

I searched for more and more instructions on how to create subdomain in ispconfig3 and didn't found working solution.

Everything else works perfectly fine, adding another domain as real domain works, but adding subdomain just dont work.

What am i missing ?

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First... "just dont work" is not very descriptive as to "what" didn't work. Second... have you looked at the services directly to see where the problem lies? Check logs for the web-server. Check the generated config files. Once you have done that, post the results in your question. –  TheCompWiz Oct 17 '12 at 15:12
Ok looking into apache error log i dont see anything except some minor errors about missing images and some stuff not related to why website not work. Looking into apache .vhost files i see everything set properly, or at least it looks like. vhost file is pointing to right folder and for right url-s, access is allow from all and it's connected to right user. Latest change i noticed is that when i was messing with dns records now subdomain is pointing to domain name, like it's an alias of domain. Ill investigate little more on dns setup and see what can be done. –  Aleksandar Đorđević Oct 17 '12 at 15:36
@AleksandarĐorđević the DNS Setup is correct as long as the final entry points to the server. A CNAME should not be a problem here –  Thomas Berger Oct 17 '12 at 17:02
It looks like CNAME was the problem, by default ispconfig doesn't create CNAME s and no one is mentioning nothing about CNAME but when i created CNAME for subdomain and point to subdomain.mywebsite.tld it started working. –  Aleksandar Đorđević Oct 17 '12 at 18:45

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