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Hi everyone,

I would appreciate some help configuring my Cisco IP Phone 7975. In fact the phone works well with the SIP firmware (version SIP75.8-4-1ES2) and an Asterisk Server. Now I would like to connect a Cisco IP Phone 7916 Expansion Module to it. The problem is during my search on the web I have only found explanations to configure the expansion with a Cisco Unified Call Manager but not with Asterisk.

For information, the IP Phone gets its configuration file from a tftp server and the file follows the SEP.cnf.xml format.

So if someone here have already done this task before, can he pleases explain me.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I haven't had very much success with these phones and Asterisk in SIP mode. However, they work well using SCCP. Take a look at this SCCP module for Asterisk.

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