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I installed Screwturn Wiki using WebMatrix 2 and this tutorial: Installing ScrewTurn Wiki using WebMatrix, Now I have Screwturn Wiki running on my machine at http://localhost:4422/Default.aspx but have no idea how to allow other users on our network to access the wiki. I read that they may need to use my ip address instead of localhost (I Understand localhost is specific to the machine itself) but a direct replacement in the url doesn't seem to work.

http://(ip address):4422/Default.aspx

How can I get other machines to access screwturn as it is installed to my machine?

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they need to access it via IP address, use ipconfig to determinate your IP address and other users will be able to use that in order to access your application

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Perhapps I don't understand how they need to use it specifically then. I mentioned that I had them try using my ip address as it is returned from ipconfig in the url but it didn't work. Is it just my ip address/Default.aspx? – Fuzz Evans Oct 17 '12 at 20:02
no, it's http : //_IP_ADDRESS_:4422/Default.aspx (no spaces) – alexus Oct 17 '12 at 20:14

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