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I converted vhd to vmdk, and with vmware worstation tried to import the vmdk, but it says vmx is missing. when i did the conversion vmx file wasnt created. did i miss anything. i am aware vhd can be run in hyper-v, but my requirement is it run it on vmware workstation. Thanks

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And how did you do this conversion? – Michael Hampton Oct 17 '12 at 21:58

You can't import a vmdk directly. You have to make a new virtual machine and attach the vmdk as a hard drive.

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VMDK is a HDD image - what you need is a descriptor for the VM itself... or you create one if possible.

Try creating a VM with comparable "hardware" (CPU, Memory ...) als select to not create a HDD but to use an existing... and select your VMDK.

But perhaps your migration tool (which one) supports migrating the VMX file too? What I used twiced in a running machine was the VMware converter.

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