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I can produce file truncated from original log file with timestamp extention (%y%m%d%s). How can I get the name of created file in order to use this name in 'postrotate'. The following conf file does not work at a time when rotation takes time.

rotate 7
dateformat -%Y-%m-%d-%s
   day=$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%s)
   cp /usr/local/apacheHttpServer/logs/mod_jk.log-$day  /tmp/truncate/log/

Actually there may be several ways to detect the created file. But I assume there should be simple variable keeping this name. Thanks in advance

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I have found a wordaround problem that if dateformat is as follows (does not contain seconds). File name can be predicted. But I still do not know if dateformat contains seconds (%s) as well

dateformat -%Y-%m-%d
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