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  1. I initially was having problems with the server time. I disabled UTC time by modifying rcS. I downloaded the file (I should have just edited it in hindsight), changed:
  2. I uploaded the file. Server is working as normal.
  3. A couple days later, my co-worker issued a shutdown -r now
  4. When it came back up, apache doesn't appear to be running. When I issue any command, I get not foundt/rcS: 9 before the command executes.
  5. I did a ls -l, and the owner is root, group is root. Restarting Apache did nothing.

It is running on a virtualized server (not an individual machine), so I seriously doubt it is hardware related.

I am able to view zend server on port 10081 but nothing served thru apache on 80 is working.

Any suggestions?

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I had a corrupt rcS file apparently. I downloaded one from another box and replaced it, and all is well.

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