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I have some trouble with xcopy or maybe with windows/drivers/etc/hosts DNS file. If I add my xcopy command in a windows scheduled task, xcopy can not resolve server's name stored in hosts file, infact, if I change the command with ip address instead of names everything works.. can you tell me why?

This is the hosts file:  diskstation  rackstation

This is the not working command:

xcopy \\diskstation\bck\VHD \\rackstation\backup\vhd /e /y /I

This is the working command:

xcopy \\\bck\VHD \\rackstation\backup\vhd /e /y /I

NB: the first command works if i run it from console, my trouble is only when it is call by scheduled task. NB2: a "ping diskstation" test is successful

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Please post the (not-working) xcopy command AND the line from the hosts file specifying that host. One of them must have a syntax error. – Tonny Oct 19 '12 at 8:41

You might want to run the xcopy from a .bat file and run the bat file from Task Schedueler but as Tonny said above , copy/paste the command and let us know how do you run it .

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