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I have a problem with logger command. After upgrading syslog-ng to 3.3th version (maybe it is not directly depend on it), logger (using command below) doesn't log tag names:

logger -t "BLABLA"  some_log_string

How can I solve it? I searched around but couldn't find anything regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Strange - you cannot switch to rsyslog? Using 5.8.11 and works as expected... – Kamil Šrot Oct 31 '12 at 20:32
You need to provide more information. Relevant parts of your configuration file, package version, distribution. What you did and what did you expect to happen, and what actually happened. – chutz Nov 2 '12 at 8:22
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Ok, I solved this problem myself. Apperantly, the creators of syslog-ng have changed it a bit in the new version (3.0), which I use syslog-ng 3.3. In order to display the log messages with application name, we have to include $MSGHDR directive with $MSG. Example template will be like:

template("$DATE $YEAR $MSGHDR$MSG\n")

From now on, the syslog-ng will log like this:

Dec 15 15:22:01 2012 fw_update_app: fw dir found

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