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I have an application running in JBoss 7 AS and I would like to front it with Apache HTTPD on the same server.

The application is running in HTTP and I would like to have Apache on HTTPS. So, all requests beginning with https://myserver.mydomain/jboss_app should be redirected to appropriately.

I have installed the SSL certificate on Apache.

  1. Do I need to install it on JBoss also?
  2. What would the rewrite rule look like?
  3. Or, is it something else that I need to do?
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I figured it out myself.

  1. We do not need to install the certificate on JBoss.
  2. There is no rewrite rule change from what we did when we front end with http, except that we need to mention that the redirection is from https.
  3. We need to take care that the application is written / configured properly to support such redirections. (This was specifically the problem with my configuration).
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