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I have a VPS server with a company called Webfusion. I want to remove some or all of the FULLTEXT stopwords because some specific words needs to be searchable with my DB content. I opened /etc/mysql/my.cnf and added the line ft_stopword_file="". I restarted the mysql service, ran a repair table and then tried my MATCH query with no success.

I ran SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'ft_%' and it simply shows (built-in) next to the stopword file.

I am running WAMP on my workstation, and whilst I realise this isn't configured the same as a commercial VPS, the above method worked just fine.

Couple someone please offer some guidance?

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Seems obvious now, but I had to enter that variable right under the [mysqld] line and everything works now. Other forum responses had simply said to place it at the end of the file which didn't work for me.

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