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I am using domain registration and am trying to setup an MX record to point back to my linux server so I can install postfix. But these settings do not work:

DNS Settings Screenshot

Is there anything else I need to do? If I ping I get nothing.

$ ping
ping: unknown host
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You've mixed up the "name" and the "address value".
Also you've failed to define the A record for your mailsystem.

You'll need these 2 records.

A NA 3600 
MX 10 3600
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are you sure i mixed up the name/address? Because the form only lets me enter a sub-domain in the first field. – chovy Oct 21 '12 at 0:32

Change the "NAME" of your MX record to be

To explain it a bit further:

The MX record consists of:


You want NAME to reflect the bit after the @. E.g.

The CONTENT must be the hostname of the mailserver, which is supposed to handle the e-mail, for the NAME - in your case,

The PRIORITY must be a prioritized list of mailservers. If you have a backup mailserver, you would typically create that with PRIORITY 20. That would cause mailserver around the world to say "Well if the one with the lowest priority does not work - let's try the next one"

TTL is the Time To Live like any other record.

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