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IIS6 had some tools for hardening, against attacks and holes.

Does IIS7 have the same?

If not, are there some standard thingst that should be done to protect it?

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IIS 7 is much more secure out of the box, operating off of an "opt-in" model for features rather than opt-out as with previous versions. In order to read up on hardening IIS 7 however, you will want to download the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide (the actual file you want is Security Compliance Management Toolkit _ Windows Server Chapter 6 covers Hardening Web Services (aka IIS 7).

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You can also look at the Security Configuration Wizard found under the administrative tools within Windows Server 2008, although much of it won't do you a lot of good without a greater understanding of the potential holes, the wizard will still walk you through closing down certain ports and shutting down miscellaneous running services.

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