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I have a linux ubuntu vm which hosts a xampp setup. Unfortunately i'm behind an NTLM proxy so i cannot get php to "communicate" with the outside world. Apt-get works fine since i have setup ntlmaps. Is there any way that i can redirect apache-php to ntlmaps? (Hard coding proxy in php curl code is not an option).

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It is possible, but it's not a simple setup. First you need an HTTP proxy server which supports transparent connections. You could use squid, or tinyproxy for something lighter. This proxy server should be configured to use ntlmaps as an upstream proxy. You then need to setup iptables rules to redirect the outgoing connections to the transparent proxy. You may need to use the --uid-owner match to to catch just the traffic from PHP. This page has some information about using tinyproxy in this configuration ("A Transparent Proxying solution" section).

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